Looking out from my hotel balcony, I missed seeing the beautiful blue Alberta sky. Instead, smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia have been carried many miles to fill the air hundreds of miles away in Edmonton. Blue sky only peeked through twice while we were there.

Smoky summer sky

Eclipsed all but UV rays

Haze blocks out the sun

Makes breathing hard for many

Only can dream of blue sky


Beautiful Pearl

Corona rings surround sun

Do not stare too long

Microwaved retinas stay fried

Never to see light again


Photo Dwight L. Roth




13 thoughts on “Smoke

  1. BC resident here, so it was very nice to read your thoughtful poem. Smoke has been awful. We just got some rain today and we’re ecstatic. Thanks for writing this πŸ™‚ ❀

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  2. We had several weeks of smoky skies here in Montana when we couldn’t see beyond a mile or two. The gorgeous Rockies were hidden behind a layer of smoky haze. Hundreds of firefighters from southern CA set up a tent city at our rodeo grounds. Last Sunday they were able to return home and our blue skies returned home, too. Ah yes, we certainly should never take our clean air and blue skies for granted, should we? Thanks for blogging this.

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  3. I want to travel and see these parts, but am so allergic to woodsmoke that I don’t think I dare. Even a whiff of a bonfire clogs my ears up and makes it difficult for me to swallow and breathe. I wonder what is a good time to visit- is there ever a guarantee of smoke-free air?

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