H.C. Frick

Company Store money

Today is Quadrille Monday at d’verse and Kim asked us to write a 44 word poem using the word earth! I chose to write about the way coal miners were treated in the corner of Pennsylvania where I grew up. Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song, 16 Tons, said it all “I loaded 16 tons and I’m deeper in debt. The Check above is one of the reasons.

Digging deep into the earth

Miners sold their bodies and soul

To the coal company of H.C. Frick

Demanding they buy only from his store

Paying with voucher checks instead of cash…

Only redeemable at his Company Store

Slavery of a different // calculated kind


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36 thoughts on “H.C. Frick

  1. It’s slavery and monopoly. How sad. Thank you for sharing. I remember watching a documentary about corn fields. The farmer had to buy seeds from this big company. One farmer saved the seeds and didn’t buy from the company for one year. His field was on fire and lost everything.

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  2. Thank you for this snippet of American history which we don’t usually hear about in the UK. You are filling in the holes of my general knowledge, Dwight. Of course, we have our own history of coal and miners, but it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences.

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