Remembering a Life Well Lived

Paul White

Life passes so quickly from young to old

With all of its ups and downs

A mother lost //a stepmother gained

One never forgets that pain

A life of giving // hard work // and faith

Raising a family // with love and grace

Changing occupations at midlife’s crossroad

Back to school //  then life down a new road

Deep faith in God sustained him through

heartaches and struggle no one ever knew

As life’s end drew near // with dementia and separation

He still kept his humor right up until the very end

After 91 years of a life filled with service

His spirit passed on and we will rejoice

“A life well lived” was not just a cliché

And he wouldn’t have had it any other way


In loving Memory of

Paul H. White

4-29-1927 – 8-2-2018

Tomorrow we celebrate the 89 years of my father-in-law’s life with friends and family. His sister flew in from London and his brother from Ohio. Children and grandchildren arrived here in Edmonton where we all gathered at his favorite restaurant. About thirty of us shared a great meal and remembered the good times and reminisced! It was a great time for all.






20 thoughts on “Remembering a Life Well Lived

  1. I’m grateful to Claudia for introducing me to you and your poetry. I will definitely explore more of your writing. I think we have much in common. I’ll click “follow” and look forward to future blogs. Claudia mentioned me as JanB. You may want to visit mine, too. Thanks for blogging! 👍🏽❤️

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