History Repeating Itself

-Hourglass- ablogtowatch.com

History Repeating Itself

This is a spinoff from a poem I read this morning, written by Mary at d’verse. Her poem spoke of volcanic words that flow relentlessly losing their meaning and leaving souls with collateral damage. This reminded me of the way words are spoken across all genres over and over again, by politicians, cultures, religions, and the media. Each new generation puts its own spin on the story, but never seems to tell it all.

Words // like sand in an hour- glass 

Flow with constant hum

So little restraint

Saying what’s happening

But not what’s going on!

Each generation flipping the glass

Repeating the same clichés

Espousing “truth” // with the same lies

Flowing with constant hum

     …and little restraint

Telling us what’s happening

Never what’s really going on…

As History // once again

Repeats itself


Photo:  https://ablogtowatch.com

This is Mary’s poem if you would like to read it:



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