Rights and Freedoms

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I have always been told it is not wise to bring up Politics or Religion because they are so polarizing and controversial. Sadly, I enjoy discussing both!  Today marks the day, last year, when marchers clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia.  White Nationalists and Left Wing Protestors who opposed their racist agenda got out of hand when a car was driven through the crowd, killing a woman who could not get out of the way. It centered around the push to take down Confederate Statues that honored Civil war soldiers who were fighting to keep slavery.  Tensions ran high as this and other similar issues were debated all over the country. This poem has lots of questions and not too many answers.

Rights and Freedoms

What happens when a societal group
Gains freedoms they did not have before
Do the rights one gains
Mean the rest of society
Loses some of theirs?

Do the demands of one
Now impose changes
Affecting values and beliefs…
Punching holes in the culture
Filling them with new patches
On long held old garments?

Perhaps new rights are positive
Adding embellishments
To a two-hundred-year-old culture?

Seems to me // it is like a balloon
That when squeezed on one end
Causes it to pop up on the other…
Giving rise to protests and resistance.

Perhaps the US is not the melting pot
That everyone keeps imagining it to be.

Diversity does not always guarantee inclusion!


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


13 thoughts on “Rights and Freedoms

  1. The key words I got from this was values and beliefs. It is never a clash of races black,white, brown yellow,orange,green who cares. It’s when values clash. An incoming culture has to add something of value to the existing culture or correct something inadequate in the existing culture. It’s there where the tension arises. What are common shared values?

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  2. I like discussing both of those taboo subjects as well. The balloon idea is interesting…perhaps we need our egos to deflate a bit and think of society as a beautiful bunch of balloons, all shapes and colors 🙂

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