Connections (4-Haikus)


National Handholding Day

Handholding day ends
I take my first steps // myself
Fall celebration

Handholding today
Touching her makes me tingle
Spring sap’s rising fast

Holding hands with you
Walking down the aisle // smiling
Summer flowers bloom

Holding hands with Mom
Winter’s chill // wrinkled hands cold
Sad to let her go


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today is National Hand Holding Day. Lillian at de’verse asked us to write poetry that celebrates one of several events on this date. I chose Hand Holding Day because of the connection the touch of hands represents. There are so many ways holding hands communicates feelings from one to another.

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25 thoughts on “Connections (4-Haikus)

  1. The photo brought back memories. My daughter had a 14 month old when her triplets were born. I was down sized from work at the same time. So my daughter went back to work teaching and my wife and I looked after the grandkids. I would pack a snack and put the four of them in a wagon and from 8:00 a.m. To noon we would tour all the parks in the area. I still look on those times fondly. Your poems do spark feelings.

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  2. Oh my!!!! These are absolutely wonderful! I read the first one and immediately thought, this is my favorite, but I’ll keep reading. Then the second one became my favorite….then the third…then the fourth. I think all! Folks didn’t have to write about one of the holidays….since it’s OLN…but I sure am glad you did!
    LOVE the Fall in the first one — could be the season and the symbolism of aging, passing of time / and the double meaning, once I take my first steps, I fall.
    Second one….sap’s rising……Fun way of being a bit sensual here 🙂
    Third one …just makes me smile and think of a dewey fresh bride with a daisy crown!
    Fourth one….sad….sad smile on my face as I think of my mom’s hand and holding her hand for the last few moments of her life.
    Thank you, Dwight. Just a wonderful post!

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