The Silent Voice

In the recesses of the mind
Where reason and conscience lie…
Right alongside the knowledge of good and evil
There comes a sound // not in words
But a silent voice speaking to me
Not with scream nor shout

But with a still small (silent) voice
Heard above the noise of loud voices
Clamoring for my attention
Heard above the noise of city streets
Roaring trucks and honking taxies

Above social media smart phones
Spewing out trivial pursuits
The silent voice always there.

The other option…
Some call it mystical
Others hear nothing
But I hear the silent voice of God
Speaking into my soul…

The voice that says, “I love you my child.”
“No matter what you might do,
I love you!”
“Be all you can be!”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

I am the guest host for Tuesday poetics at d’Verse~Poets Pub. The prompt for the day is the Sounds of Silence. We are to write a poem describing any aspect of the Sounds of Silence.

Join us at d’Verse. The bar opens Tuesday at 3:00 PM.

58 thoughts on “The Silent Voice

  1. Nat King Cole “To love and be loved and want nothing in return”. I love The Silent Voice speaks to my heart. I’m a big fan of St John of the Cross poetry which speaks to love and also Song of Songs. Another keeper from rothpoetry.

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  2. In this world, silence is precious and there isn’t enough of it to hear our inner voices, those ‘still small (silent)’ voices that need to be heard. I’m so pleased that I no longer live in a city but out where there isn’t too much traffic but plenty of birdsong and other animal noises.

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  3. Oddly, we both mined the same metaphysical poetic vein; of course, different journeys indeed. There is a clarity, a hopeful gentleness to yours; makes me smile & make a fist pump.

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    • Yes, it is a matter of faith. Hope lies in what we choose to believe about the present and the future. Sometimes the trappings of religion have to be left aside to get to the heart of God’s love for us.


  4. I was reflecting on that verse earlier this week and wondering if the small voice I hear is coming from without, or from within. I often wonder if I use my own consciousness to I implant my own will into my thoughts. Complicated stuff, but well worth figuring out.

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    • This is something I learned from the d’verse group. It is called Caesura which represents the silence or pause in poetry. This is just one way to do it. Could be a line break, punction, or … to make a break and help the flow in reading. Thanks for joining us and for your comment.


  5. kaykuala

    “No matter what you might do,
    I love you!”
    “Be all you can be!

    Providence’s divine blessings always there with reassuring words to guide one on the right path. Very much so, Dwight!


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  7. This is a lovely poem of peace and calm. I think even those who do not believe as you do can still hear that inner voice. Perhaps it’s the same thing, perhaps not. But still, there is a centering.
    And thank you again for hosting, Dwight.

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