Fragile Flower


This morning I saw my small Hibiscus was blooming, following last evening’s shower. This afternoon our d’Verse challenge was to write a poem incorporating the hidden meaning of a flower of our choice. Naturally I had to use this beautiful image for my poem.

There are several meanings to Hibiscus. One is gentleness and fragility. In Hawaii it is used to give several different meanings. It is woven in leis to welcome visitors to the islands. When a young woman wears a flower in her hair on the left it means she is single and available. If on the right it shows she is spoken for and in a relationship. You can guess what it means if she has one on both sides!

When you came to me
A hibiscus in your hair
Soft and fragile
Left accent calling me to you
What could I do
But be captivated by your smile

Throughout the years
Your fragile beauty remains
Sharing family
And so much more
Now the hibiscus on your right
Reflects the love we share

The day is drawing to a close
You my sweet hibiscus
Are as beautiful as ever
Wilted edges change nothing
You // my fragile // gentle flower
Will live on forever


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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54 thoughts on “Fragile Flower

    • Thank you so much Roland. I appreciate the affirmation. I have done a couple of awards, from time to time but do not do all of them. I will see what I can do with this one.


  1. Oh — I am so late to the reading of these…..and so very glad I read your post this morning. It is truly a beauty! The story of love between two people….it’s growth, the changes, and the unwavering love even with the petals begin to wither a bit….aging as they will. A wonderful write!

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