My wife accused me of repeating myself every time I watch a news broadcast.  I keep hearing them talk over and over again about “what they don’t know.” To me this means they are making it up as they go along. In the age of 24 Hour News and TV Tabloids, a  lot is left for speculation and truth. This poem expresses my feelings about the Fake News of the day. See what you think!?

When the news anchor begins with…

“What we don’t know is…”

I know we are in trouble

Made up stories of speculative imagination

Conjured up // supporting a biased point of view

Not based on facts or real evidence

But rather…On “What we don’t know is…”


It is not hard to see why many tune out…

When news of the day is simply “educated gossip.”

Why not just stick to the facts of the day

Let the listener do the speculation and deduction


News used to be about what happened

Now it is about, “How do you feel about what happened”

With demands for admission of guilt…

Tried by the media in the court of public opinion

Followed by firings….

Followed by apologies…   Some accepted and some denied.


Is the world worse than it used to be?

Perhaps, but I believe it appears that way

Because now we see everything that goes on

Often in real time captured on smart phones

Instead of seeing our junk that happens

We see everyone else’s bad news

Exponential crime and debauchery day after day

Is it no wonder that such negative attitudes prevail?

Good new is often relegated to the last 60seconds of the newscast

Sort of like getting a lollipop at the dentist

After he has done a root canal on you


If you still listen to the news, ask yourself…

Am I hearing the facts or “What they don’t know?”

When “What we don’t know is…” becomes the truth of the day

We are all in trouble … it really is fake news!!


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17 thoughts on “Speculation

  1. We do know that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, and still are involved in cyber attacks. There is hard evidence and has been for some time. The only question is were Americans involved too to help Trump. If it really is a witch hunt then some of the witches have been caught. Time and evidence will tell the rest. One other thing Trump often calls fake news something that disapproves of his performance, statements, or policies. There is more than one valid news source in our country. Conservatives often try to protect Trump, but should look only at what is right or wrong. Please check long time conservative columnist George Will. He’s a straight shooter and honest man. He says it’s obvious Trump is a child and those around him are staying there to do damage control. Anyway those are some thoughts I had.

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    • I am not trying to support anyone. I am tryin to say think about what you are hearing and don’t make assumptions and speculations when proof has not been given. There is truth in some of the news, but it is so mixed with speculations and assumptions that the truth is lost in the mess. I am not happy with any of it. But when they tell you they don’t know and then to go on and make assumptions that bothers me greatly no matter whom they are talking about!

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  2. News is all about accentuate the negative forget about the positive. To misquote Baloo in Jungle Book. Main Street Media has its own code. I joined Twitter this year and it has been an eye opener. One example. A MSM columnist with 74k followers replied to a tweet ” If you are so smart why do you only have 220 followers”. Now that is pure arrogance. Number of followers on Twitter equals intelligence. Trump and the Kardashians are absolute geniuses. And I also liked your ending 99% of negative news balanced by the 1% lollipop.

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