Jewels of Summer (Haiku)


My favorite garden vegetable each summer is the tomato. Although it is technically a fruit, I will take it either way.  Nothing beats a great tomato sandwich.  As they ripen in my tiny garden, I think, how beautiful they are and am thankful for these jewels of summer!

Bright reddish orange gems

Tasty summer jewels shining

Waiting to be lunch


Green to red they grow

Tanning in the summer sun

Ripe for the picking

16 thoughts on “Jewels of Summer (Haiku)

  1. I remember my mu used to make tomato sandwiched with tomatos straight from the garden. She’d pack them into a picnic basket for a beach outing. They were always soggy by the time we ate them but oh they were so good.

    I can’t eat tomatos these day, except for yellow ones. Too much acid for my gums.

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  3. It is so lovely to grow your own fruit and veg and eat them straight from the garden. Those tomatoes look delicious! 😃🍅

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