Summer Fun

Jason Playing in the Surf  - 1977 001.jpg

Sun and Surf

Puddles of molten gold in the water

Reflecting the morning sun

Watching the tide as it rises and alters

Those magical castles of fun

Sandpipers and gulls run with the surf

Eating their squiggling breakfasts

Snatching critters from the receding kerf

Before it washes past them

Brown Pelicans float over the shallows

Diving for fish in waves

Long necks & scooped beaks easily swallow

Slippery morsels that cannot be saved

Bronzed beauties oiled, laid out, and frying

On beach towels in the sun

Young boys discretely spying

Cutting up and having fun

Shells and driftwood litter the beach

Collected by old and young alike

Oooing  and awwwing as they examine each piece

Saving every one with delight


Photo: Dwight L. Roth   1977 – Nags Head, NC

Open link night at d’verse, where Bjorn suggests we think about summer and what we enjoy doing. We always enjoyed going to the beach each summer and watching the children play in the surf, ride the swells, and build sand creations.  This poem takes us back to the very beginning!  We will be taking a break for a couple of weeks at d’verse, but we will all come back the end of July. Join us at:


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