Cats and Dogs

Tiger with Ruth 001

I Married a Cat… She Married a Dog

I married a cat
Sleek and beautiful
Strong and independent
Yet likes to come and be close when
She is ready and feeling loved
Claiming the house as her space
Demanding attention when things get neglected
Purring when things go right
Scratching when things go wrong
Loving and caring and always there
I married a cat
She married a dog
A co-dependent creature
Full of noise and excitement
Always barking about something
Demanding attention
Not to be denied
Protective and possessive
Tail wagging and drooling for love
Always wanting more
Assuming and thoughtless
Taking everything for granted
Leaving sheadings everywhere he goes
Always there when things get tough
Full of love and compassion
A wife’s best friend
She married a dog!


Photo taken many years ago! Dwight L. Roth

Lillian at d’Verse asked us to consider opposites in our poetry this evening! The saying is “Opposites Attract”  applies to me and my wife. As you see in my poem we are very different personalities, yet we have managed to make this marriage work for the past 48 years!  Come join us at d’verse and join the fun.


46 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs

  1. LOVE it! And there you go….kindred spirits are we with 48 years of marriage each. 1970 was a good year for love 🙂
    And to the poem — great imagery and details explaining the differences between cats and dogs….one neat (although they do shed), cleaning itself and pruning — the other, tail wagging and slobbering. Nothing like a dog after it’s lapped up a bowl of water and then they come and lay their wet drooley whiskered face in your lap! 🙂

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  2. kaykuala

    Always barking about something
    Demanding attention
    Not to be denied
    Protective and possessive

    A man has to act that way and can still be loving! Perfect choice of subject matter to relate to ‘opposites’ in your take, Dwight!


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