Summer Invasion


Sms the tw thngs t avd in wrtng r rlgn nd pltics. Bt as I st n my chr wrtng ths Hibn th ft mma sqrrl hs clmbd my fder ple and s etng sds whl hngng upsd dwn.

Not only has she crossed the boarders of my yard, “without passing go or collecting her $200!” Along with her, she brings her three or four young ones, born not more than two months before. I have been using the catch and return method of extraction. The young ones are easier to catch, but she is a tough mother who has been in and out of cages before, yet never caught.


Thgh t is sd t seprte the chldrn frm thr mthr, I jst cnnt cntnu t allw ths nvasn t cntnu. Thy r rlntlss nd as sn s n is captrd nd rturnd, thr mre shw p. I dn’t knw wht th answr mght b. Prhps I shld buld a wll!


Sweet little squirrels

Invade my yard and feeders

No wall will stop them


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

You might be wondering what in the world is going on with my Haibun today. Lillian asked us to break the rules and write a Haibun that doesn’t fit the norm. So… I am writing mine partially without vowels in the pros. If you can read it you are a genius, as Facebook posts say! Not only that, but I have chosen to write about a touchy political subject in our country today, squirrels crossing the border!

This is about as far out of the box as I think I want to get, so have fun and don’t send me any hate mail! Please!!

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65 thoughts on “Summer Invasion

  1. I miss the squirrels that used to invade our bird feeders in the redwood country of California. My husband kept devising means to keep them away from the birdseed, except, finally, for one method where he put a plastic dish on a long rod extending out from the railing of our porch. The squirrels would run out along the rod, but when they tried to sit on the edge of the plate that contained the seeds, their weight would tip it over, spilling them and the birdseed into the dense rosemary bushes far below. They were unhurt, but our birdseed bill went up remarkably that year.

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  2. I must be a genius 🙂 The brain is amazingly apt in filling the gaps. And yes, squirrels and borders… In my country native squirrels are redish brown and rather small. There has been a kind of invasion of American squirrels (don’t ask me how) wich, bigger and stronger as they are, more or less supplanted the native animals. I don’t know what the situation is nowadays. Anyway squirrels seem to be much more common in your country then over here, with or without fder. 🙂

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  3. We have pesky squirrels here as well ~ I do get the hint of some politics there – hate what is going on in the USA right now ~ Go ahead, make a wall and let’s see how far it will stay or not ~

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  4. I ‘liked’ early but I had to come back for another read. My first encounter with a squirrel was back when I visited a fellow writer at Berne back in 2009. Then a week latter in Ohio. They are amazing animals. Haven’t see one since, but then we don’t have squirrels in Australia. Thanks for the rebooting the memories.

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  5. It was slow reading to fill in the vowels but i got your message! No easy solutions for squirrel or illegal immigrant invasion…we’ve got to fix the law, not just build a wall. At least Trump ordered a stop to separating families! (Hate mail and tweets are non-productive.)

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  6. LOL! Well, you took this prompt literally. LOL! I love the squirrels, but my dogs (4) kill them as fast as they fall out of trees. Sad….I have nursed a few but they die in my arms. The cats (10) get the baby birds. All well fed animals. Here birds and squirrels….come eat my blueberries! A contained garden is a sanctuary.

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  7. Ah….there is a lesson here in our hbn…… in, too often we ask, even expect, people to fill in the blanks. “Well, you should have known what I really meant!” “if you love me, you would know without my saying” couldn’t you read the bdy language? Hmmmmm….wouldn’t it be interesting if in our aloud conversations with people there was a “fill-in-the-real-feelings” or “fill-in-the-real-meaning” checker attached to our bodies so that when our moths open, no matter what we say, the REAL words would come out? Oh my…..squirrelly I’m becoming here! 🙂

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    • I love it Lillian. You have taken this a whole new direction. Communications is so often as you describe. I am famous for this. Just ask my wife! We tend to begin our talk in the middle of our thought and no one but I knows what came before!
      Thanks for taking a second look at this!


  8. I find squirrels fascinating and I love how they tease my dog who goes NUTS trying to get up that trunk to one of them. I’d probably just leave them be, finding them as enjoyable to observe as the birds from whom they’re stealing.

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