Horse Pills

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“Horse pills” // that’s what I call them

Giant oval shaped tablets marked across the middle

Antibiotics to be taken twice a day for ten days

Oh, and don’t forget to take them with food

Medicine can tear up your stomach

Before it makes you well

By all means drink a whole glass of water

Send them dissolving into the quicksand

Don’t want those horses galloping in your system

Through a dry smoggy bog maze

They just might gallop right on out the door

Without doing their job!!


Photo: Horse Pills –

Paul at d’Verse asked us to write a poem eluding to some form of medicine. Having recently finished a round of antibiotics. I chose those big horse pills as my inspiration.



26 thoughts on “Horse Pills

  1. Dwight you are right, pills to cure can have adverse side effects lesy we follow instructions.

    Personally I have severe side effects with every med bar paracetamol and antibiotics, so don’t take anything bar these.

    Anna :o].

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