Art is the truth that cuts to the heart

Revealing the very nature of ourselves

Be it both good and evil


Art is the expression of the soul

That breaths life into a brush full of paint

Or notes onto a staff of lines and spaces


Art is the primal scream of the heart

Broken // shattered // lost in remorse

Knowing nothing will ever be the same


Art is the graffiti on the walls // the train cars // the body

Crying out to be noticed //stories to tell

Healing sought in spray cans and needles


Art is the music of the soul breathing notes

Melodies and rhymes // a symbiotic flow

Transcending time and space


Art is the poem from the heart of the poet

Prophetic expressions of love // hate // fear

Conjuring up feelings from deep within

Erupting onto paper and screen

With an unstoppable flow


Art is what makes sense of chaos

Transcending war and pain

Gives hope to undying dreams within

One’s soul  // telling us to keep on


Art is the adhesion that keeps society bonded

Brings us to laughter and tears

Unifies and draws us together in love

Art is who we are…


Eagle Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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