Street Limericks


There was an old man from Rope Walk

Whose coordination was all in a squawk

He stepped out on the wire

Which was straight as an arrow

But his fright of heights made him balk


Puss in Boots lived down Catshole Lane

Her manner of dress was never plain

When her Tom came a prowling

In her boots she was howling

And Cats down the whole lane did the same


Johnny moved in on Potacre Street

With grow lights and garden complete

He planted his garden

On this plot he could live on

Now his customers all call it High Street


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’verse we were asked to write a lighthearted poem using a selection of street signs that were given to us.  I chose to write limericks about three of the sign choices. Hope you enjoy them.  Come join us at:

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