Clouds in Black and White

IMG_1545 clouds


My wife took these photos as we were returning home to Charlotte, NC this week. They were specular in color, but I wanted to see how they would come out in Black and White. I love the contrast that shows up in these thunderheads.  You could see the displaced anger boiling up inside these clouds. Can you hear the silent rumblings? What rage could stir up this much emotion?

Angry thoughts rise up

Thunderheads churn silent rage

Waiting to explode

IMG_1536 clouds

IMG_1551 clouds

IMG_1554 clouds

IMG_1600 clouds

IMG_1607 clouds

IMG_1609 clouds

Photos from iPhone SE: Ruth A. Roth

Frank Hubney, at d’Verse, asked us to write  a Haibun that refers to silent words. They could be words running through our head, or things we see that speak to us or inspire us. I chose to write about hearing what the clouds might be saying as these giant thunderheads form on the horizon. Come join us at d’Verse:


31 thoughts on “Clouds in Black and White

  1. Beautiful clouds. I hadn’t thought of them associated with anger, but that seems to fit them now that you mentioned it. We’re in Colorado at the moment and the rain clouds and the white clouds that followed the dark rain clouds remind me of those in your wife’s photos.

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  2. You have captured the energy and build-up to thunder so well in your haibun and the photographs add even more. I love how you changed them to black and white – the clouds look amazing! 😃

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    • Thank You Xenia! Your affirmation is greatly appreciated. I love the Black and White contrasts. I started out many years ago making my own B&W with an enlarger and chemicals! We have come a long way!

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