Alfalfa Hay

baling hay


What is that wonderful smell

Drifting from field to window

Driving through the Pennsylvania countryside?

It is the smell of new mown hay…

Alfalfa drying in the summer sunshine.

Aroma like mint tea leaves crushed between fingers

Overpowering the rich smells coming from

The cow manure flying from the spreader

Still pulled by Amish horses a century later.

Alfalfa hay raked and baled filling hay mows…

Favorite of cows and heifers on cold winter days.

Green turned to white and hauled away

In a bulk tank truck for our breakfast table


Photo: from the family album

At d’Verse poetry group today Bjorn asked that we think about scents in our poetry today. Having worked on my uncle’s farm for five summers as a teenager, I have a great appreciation for the scent of new mown hay. Alfalfa was the hay of choice in Pennsylvania. This smell always takes me back to the farming days of the early 1960s. The photo above comes from that era.

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43 thoughts on “Alfalfa Hay

  1. One of our neighbours came round yesterday to ask if we would like our meadow mowing but it’s still full of flowers. When you look closely at it, there’s not much grass in it at all! We said we’d wait until the flowers had set seed before making a first cut.

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  2. Love the smell of alfalfa! My mother-in-law is a farm woman, and when the smell of manure is ripe in the air she always says, “Smells like money.” I’m sure she intends the literal meaning, but the figurative meaning is good as well.

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