A Hershey Bar Day


A Hershey Bar Day

Cousin Doug’s Pay Day came today

After sixty plus years //and minus a few sweet curls.

He was a cute baby perched on the hood

Munching that cookie in his little Butter Fingers

Birthdays come and go each year

Chuckles for some // Snickers for others

But for us who are seniors // we get no Kix

Awaiting our preplanned Milky Way trip

Birthdays // reminders of times gone by

Living on Fifth Avenue next to old Mr. Goodbar

Just down the street from the neighborhood Mars Bar

Screaming Baby Ruth was really adorable

Oh, Henry // He was a pistol with the boys next door

Those 3 Musketeers  are chasing Kit Kat again

Till she coughed up that hairball of Charleston Chew

Our knees now Krackle and our stomachs Mound

As we count the years Twix  fat and thin

For better and for worse // we have no choice

Waiting for that birthday to come around again


Photo:  from our Family Album

Today Lillian, at d’Verse suggested we “noodle” with candy bar names and write them into a poem. We had the choice of Candy, Perfume, or Cereal. Since this was my cousin Doug’s birthday today I decided to include him in my fictional poem. How many candy bars can you count in my poem?

Join us at d’Verse:  hppt://dversepoets.com



26 thoughts on “A Hershey Bar Day

  1. Oh, laughing out loud I am….and the first laugh out loud came with this line:
    “Till she coughed up that hairball of Charleston Chew” — actually I HOWLED when I read this line!
    Such a fun post….many many thanks for stepping up to the challenge! LOVING this. Smiling I am.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great job! I loved it.
    Can I humbly make a edit suggestion? The first half, the candy bars are in italics and the second half not. I personally like the italics, but regardless, could you format the poem all the same? Feel free to delete or edit my comment after you’ve read it.

    Liked by 2 people

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