Going Home


“March unleashed a torrent of rainfall

after an abnormally dry winter.”

New Orleans was almost under water

April provided a reprieve

Sunny days // high humidity

Going home seemed like a distant dream

But now // it was happening

The train rolled out of Baton Rouge early

By early-afternoon Atlanta was left behind

As the train snaked North to Charlotte

The redbuds and dogwoods

peppered the woodland as they rolled along

Azeleas were in full bloom in every yard

“Since Atlanta she had looked out the dining car window

with a delight almost Physical.”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


We were asked by Amaya, at d’Verse to make up a poem by take a quote from two different books and use the first one as the opening line and the second as the closing line. Our job is to fill in the middle to make it work.

Com join us at d’Verse : hppt://dversepoets.com


Quote #1 From the first sentence of The Shack

by Wm. Paul Young

Quote #2 From the first sentence of Go Set A Watchman

by Harper Lee

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