Beyond Imagination



I have been pushed and shoved all my life

Thanks to friends who cared…

Seeing more in me than I see in myself

Learning to do more than I could ever imagine

From computers to art // writing memoirs // and poetry

Publishing books on Amazon //and writing a blog…

Things I never imagined ten years ago

Susan // Kym // and Tom

Encouraging // urging // helping me

Opening doors to new worlds of wonder

Imagination that knows no end

Wonderful friends all over the world

Communicating with me every day

Keeping me on the edge of inspiration


Photo: Ruth Roth

Our challenge today comes from Mich at d’Verse. Looking at learning that continues throughout life, she asked us to write a poem telling about something we are learning.

I am forever thankful for friends, whom I mention in my poem, who have urged me to move into the world of writing. Without their encouragement, I would not be writing this blog.

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to learn to know all of you. Your great writing and words of encouragement, given to me in your comments, keep me coming back for more. I have learned so much form all of you at the d’Verse poetry group. I am now writing poetry that I never even heard of two years ago! Thank You All!!

Come join us at d’Verse: hppt://



39 thoughts on “Beyond Imagination

  1. Well, you can include my thank you to them for encouraging you! Love your blog and your writings!!! It is amazing what we can do if we just open ourselves up to the possibility of doing it! Curious about your art???

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  2. It is inspiring to read of another’s inspirations, how important it is to have people encourage you and believe in you! This is a wonderful sentiment of gratitude and your openness to learn and hone your craft. So glad you decided to pursue your dreams as I enjoy your contributions to the dVerse prompts. Keep it up! 🙂

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  3. Thank you for that sweet shoutout Dwight. 🙂 You, my friend are a great encourager to so many others and that is a blessed gift indeed! Be well and continue to be excellent as you share such versatility through your writing with all of us! ❤


  4. I should have also included Amaya from Gospel Isosceles in this list as well. She introduced me to this fine group of poets on d’Verse. Thank you Amaya, so much, for the push!


  5. Yes, yes…we learn nothing on our own. I have learned so much from other writers, since I never wrote more than sporadically before 4 years ago. Mostly from people I most likely will never meet on this earth. Seems that is how the Lord has it. My own sphere of people have little to no interest in writing, or my writing anyways.

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