Not Born To Be Wild

Silo swingers

Some come out kicking and screaming

Living on the edge all of their life

But that is not me

Cautious and careful is my mantra

Warned by parents // witnessing death

My friend who died swimming across the river

Left a lasting impression

I made my choice to live cautiously

This I have done // for wild for me was not fun

No wild parties // no drunken hangovers

Rock climbing left to those who value life less

What I would consider wild

For most would be insignificant

No regrets // no thrills missed for me

I am thankful I was not // born to be wild


Silo Monkeys Photo: family album

Today Jilly at d’Verse, asked us to take a look at our wild side and write a poem expressing how we live it out.  As a teenager I watched the silo monkeys, in the photo above, extend my uncle’s silo another twelve feet. They tied ropes to the staves and swung around like it was nothing.  I could not imagine doing that.

I could not think of one thing that I have done in my life that was really wild. So I wrote my poem from the perspective of caution.

Come join us at d’Verse: hppt://

27 thoughts on “Not Born To Be Wild

  1. I, too, was warned. But in everything I’ve done to earn my keep, and several things I’ve done to recreate, I have moved closer to the edge. I appreciate your view, truly. Mostly, I appreciate your word-craft!

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  3. we cautious ones can only gasp at daring –
    “Some come out kicking and screaming
    Living on the edge all of their life”

    I really like those opening lines suggesting that some are born to be wild while some are tamed by the experience of death/

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