Road to the Sea

painting of Road to the Sea

Road to the Sea

I wonder alone

Down the well-worn road

Leading to the sea

Summer’s gone

Kids are back in school

Parents run in the spinning cage

And I am all alone

Just me // the fence posts // and the sea

What treasure might I find

On the empty strand

Perhaps a shell, a coin, or a polished stone

The best found treasure of all

Peace and calm of sea and soul

A time for renewal of spirit

With every ebb and flow


Painting by: Fay Collins

Our prompt from Sarah today is to write an ekphrastic poem about a piece of visual art. This involves writing a descriptive poem about that art piece. The paintings we were given to choose from are by Fay Collins who paints with oils, pastels, and water colors.   I chose this one for its vivid colors and its blend of the pastoral and ocean views. The stark aloneness caught my attention, so I put myself in the painting and told the story!

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37 thoughts on “Road to the Sea

  1. I like this very much. What really worked for me was the feeling of the poem itself moving from a place of being trapped – school, that spinning cage – and opening out into an ocean of peace and freedom, so that I feel I’m walking that path down to the sea with you.


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