Ars Poetica


Ars Poetica

Paul at d’Verse asked us to consider Ars Poetica, which is where the poet writes a poem about poetry. This Quadrille says what I believe writing poetry is all about. It is one that I posted earlier. I don’t feel I can improve on it so here it is again.

Writing Poetry  (A Quadrille)

My words // chosen carefully…

Like stepping on wet rocks

crossing a stream.

Hoping this one // will sustain me

to the next

I am not interested in a big splash.

Simply making it across

One solid word at a time

Reaching my desired destination.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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26 thoughts on “Ars Poetica

  1. Several days ago I was in Zion NP watching people attempt to hike the Narrows which is a walk through a narrow gorge. The hikers have to be geared up with the right shoes and some had waders on. Walking sticks and off they went up the Virgin River. It took some awhile to get their footing. That beautiful image in your poem of this compared to writing a poem.

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