Holy Place


Holy Place (a Quadrille)

Burning bush // the path of guilt

Words of “I AM” searing the heart…

Mirroring my soul awry…

Calling, “Come, take off your shoes”

“Step forward”//“This is holy ground.”

Let go past laments

Rise in newness of life.

Not a building //location //nor shrine


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

We were asked by Amaya, at d”Verse, to think about Holy Places that are sacred to people. They might be shrines, locations, or buildings that people go to and find a connection to the the divine.  We are to write a poem of our choosing. I chose to write a quadrille.

Although I have great respect and high regard for what most people consider Holy Places, I find that it is not a place or a thing that brings me connection to God. It is rather the Spirit connection that has occurred in me at various times over the years. It may be through hearing the spoken word, the words of a song, an event, seeing a butterfly or bird, the birth of a baby or the ecstasy of love. It could be in church or out in the mountains. God to me is Spirit, and the place the I find our spirits connecting is a Holy Place.

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31 thoughts on “Holy Place

  1. “…the Spirit connection that has occurred in me at various times over the years.” This is your connection to the ending of my poem. Yours is great! It, and your afterward, say part of what I was after in mine — the lack of permanent address for “holy.”

    Great stuff, Dwight! Well written.


  2. I love the declaration, “This is holy ground.” And it is so because of the Spirit connection happening right now. This is why I asked this question and wanted to know your responses: of the manifold times the Spirit has come into a creature on earth, wouldn’t by now the whole earth be holy ten times over?


  3. I have experienced this connection as well and I don’t believe it is supposed to appear at a regimented church service every Sunday at 11. I love this….”Rise in newness of life”.


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