My faith in God is not something to be proved. Rather it is something to be believed and lived. Faith is a belief about truth, with a little experience that helps reinforce it. I have found faith to be rather elusive at times in my life.

When all is well faith comes easy, but when “life happened”, as it does to all of us, it threw me for a loop! I was spiraling downward fast with no answers in sight.  My prayers went unanswered. Things seemed out of control. There was no way I could fix things. The only thing I had left was faith that God was in control, and things would work out for my good. Even then I had my doubts. I was frustrated and angry.

Through it all, I found prayer was what I needed to change me, not others. In time, and with help from some good counselors, life finally got back on track. I learned a lot about myself and about God. It definitely changed my understanding of faith. A lot of what I thought was faith was mostly culture and religion, but my belief in God and his eternal providence and grace is still strong.

Burning through blackness

Spring sun rises // Dark is light

Grace for the graceless


Mish asked us to write a Haibun about some aspect of faith. It has to be written from our experience.  A Haibun has a concise prose segment followed by a  seasonal haiku. Come join us at d’verse.


42 thoughts on “Faith

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  2. I really like your take on this, “A lot of what I thought was faith was mostly culture and religion,” Man, I have had so many people tell me just how God was supposed to do things. I like the Haiku too, “Grace for the graceless”.

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  3. Faith can be elusive, but then I suppose that is when we are losing it. I think it is always there if we choose it. Thanks for being open and sharing your thoughts in this haibun. The haiku is lovely.

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  4. You have beautifully penned what you have went through and how almighty shower his blessing. I belive it is very important that we share how things were out of control and then how things miracly change to our favour. There are millions of people who fall prey to depression and anxiety, all they need is an assurance that things will be ok and such work of yours will paved a graceful way for them to rely on!

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  5. Faith in God is either something you have or something you don’t. There’s nothing in between. I remember being in church with my parents and my dad looking at my mother kneeling deep in prayer and saying, in a very loud voice, “Your mother really believes in it. I wish I could be like that.”

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      • I don’t understand people who ‘believe’, and nor did my dad. They go to a place where the rest of us can’t follow. Does it make them happier? I’d say not. Real life has to be faced whether you believe or not.

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      • It gives me sense of hope and a security that all will work out even in the worst of circumstances. It all comes down to a perspective on life… a choice of faith one way or the other!


      • IYou see, that is one of the big stumbling blocks for me, because things patently don’t ‘work out’ for many people, even very devout people. I just think one word ‘Shoah’ and there’s proof positive that when the worst happens, there is nothing and no one able (or willing) to stop it.


      • I think some people confuse faith with religion. To me faith is about living rather than religion. Religion is simply the way faith is expressed rather than the other way around.


      • We were taught that you shouldn’t expect to understand, just believe. That whatever happens is ‘God’s will’ and when we pray it isn’t to make things different but to understand why it’s the way it is. Again, I think ‘Shoah’. God’s will?


  6. I needed to change me, not others… this should be the core for everyone, if you believe in God or not… This quote works for me:
    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.


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