A Tanaga Poem


Fishers come with hook and beak
Lunch is found in Hammer Creek
One sits dangling on the shore
Heron dives // comes back for more


Frank is challenging us to try the Tanaga form of poetry, for our d’Verse poetry group.  It consists of four lines with seven syllables in each line. It has a rhyming pattern. It usually has no title, since the lines of the verse should make clear what is being said. This is my first attempt at writing a Tanaga poem. The heron in the photo is a Great White Egret. They often nest in the Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania.

Come join us at d’Verse: https://dversepoets.com/

Photos from Hammer Creek near Clay, Pennsylvania. – Dwight L. Roth

70 thoughts on “A Tanaga Poem

  1. Good fishing for both I hope. I’ll be the heron does better. I like the rhyming of the meter. It seems to kind of flow well with the meter. I caught a blue heron once, when he dove in for my lure. Liked to have been beaked before we got him free.

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  2. How are you able to get so many images of nature!
    Where I live, its just concrete, concrete, concrete…….
    Its so bad, that when I went to write a poem about it, it took 400 words…….


    • Thank you so much Colin. No I went away with something more lasting…photos and memories. I was very lucky to get these shots. I was shooting photos of the old mill and the mill pond and all of a sudden this beautiful Great Egret rose up out of the marsh grass along the mill pond. It was definitely the best catch of the day!! Thank you!

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