Life in Death


Easter brings with it a time of reflection. I thought the crown of thorns would be a great metaphor illustrating what Christians believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Some see only suffering and death. Others see the part that never dies, the spirit that rises bringing life, light, and hope to the faithful!

Crown of Thornes

Of what use are your long gnarled stems

Heads balding from the loss of fragile beauty

Sucked dry by bird and bee

Seeking the nectar of life hidden deep inside

Of what use is your thorny crown

Pocked and dried by sun and wind

Waiting in the remaining time

To be cut broken discarded

The glory days of ephemeral beauty gone

Whatโ€™s left for the aging freckled head

What beauty remains for the dried and broken

It was not all for naught, the losing of ones crown

For underneath the crown lies the key to beauty

The ongoing genetics of life the giftwrapped wonder


Beauty is in the seed passing on and on and on

Since the beginning of time

Without the crown of thorns there would be no future beauty

The would be no life here after

Beauty is passing, life is fragile, but the seed remains forever

To once again spring forth from the ashes of the past

Bringing life and hope and to that dried crown of thorns


Photos: Dwight

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