Music Never Ages

Zombies Album

When two friends in the UK got together in 1958 to start a band, they probably never imagined that they would be recording a new vinyl album sixty years later. The Zombies made their debut as a band in the 1960s.  After hits like “She’s not There and Time of the Seasons.” they have once again gotten together to cut a new album. Now in their seventies, they still sing like they are twenty!  I enjoyed seeing them perform on the Saturday edition of CBS this Morning. The songs took me right on back!

The music never ages

No matter how many times it’s sung

That hook will get you every time.

Saw the Zombies on CBS Saturday

Singing “The Time of the Seasons”

Although gray and wrinkled with age

Their music is still fresh and clear

The beat and the hook still grabbed me

With harmonies still sweet

The music never ages


New Record Cover:

Listen to She’s not There: 

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