The Stuff in the Middle

ashley's baptism photos April 2010 029

The Stuff in the Middle

Religion is much like corn.

A cobb…

With kernels of truth lining the outside


Wrapped with a lot of protective fodder

To make sure the kernels are safe…

Making it very hard to get to the truth

And very difficult to eat and digest.


Some corn left too long in the fodder

Becomes hardened and inedible

By the average person… so it is ground

And processed into religious bread

Fed to the faithful



Pealing back the fodder

With each generation…

One can find sweet kernels of truth

Popping full of inspiration


Sadly we find that

Many times nothing is pealed back

The whole stalk // ear and all are chopped up

By those who would oppose and destroy it

Left to ferment and sour

Then fed to hungry Media Animals

To ruminate on and turn into

Sweet sensational nectar

The public loves so much


Feast on the sweet stuff in the middle

Peal away the husks

Taste on the Good News

Truth to feed your soul

Save some seeds to plant

For the next generation

Keep the faith



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