Reignite the Flame

Hot coals

Love Lights the Flame

Hot coals of love burn down to ashes

Glowing in the white powder of life

Smoldering in pain and suffering

Red-orange and glowing embers of what once was

The story of our life reduced to ashes

Hard clinkers of melted molten anger

Igneous chunks of hate and despair

No life // no fire // no will to rise anymore.

But then… shaken and stirred

They fall through the grate

Giving breath and life to remaining embers

Letting go of despair // shedding the pain

Finding forgiveness // reigniting the flame.

Breath of love makes hot coals glow red

Choking dust of life shaken free

Only embers of love remain

Rising up // a rekindled flame

Continues to burn


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I was going to use this poem for the d’Verse prompt the other day, but then realized that the quadrille was only 44 words, so I saved it for another day. So, here is my poem of Love rekindled.

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