Soul Glaciers

My heart sheds itself

A glacial calving


Into an ocean

Of salty tears

Children dying

Barrels of hell


Unfortunate souls

In their wake

Ghost towns appear

Cavernous emptiness

Gaping mouths of

Fear, dust, and concrete

Atrocities of power


The world goes ‘round

I bend my knees

My heart cries, “Why!!”

I crawl into my warm bed


Glacier Photo:

Our prompt for d”verse poetry group today is to write a poem using metaphors in a way that expresses a feeling without actually saying what that feeling is. The reader is supposed to tell what feeling came across to him/her as they read the poem.

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38 thoughts on “Soul Glaciers

  1. This is grief in all its raw and painful glory! The sense of helplessness at everything that’s wrong with the world… death and destruction.. sigh… how eloquently you describe it all!

    PS: My blog is re-activated. I had to pay WordPress monthly bill…. sigh…💖

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  2. The brutality of the world is in this shatter — we live here? And how shall we proceed? I read this and think of 400,000 Syrians in a rebel-held city getting bombed to extinction and remember me sighing and wondering if there’s anything for dessert.

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