Burning Star


Ever hitch yourself

To a shooting star

Only to find it’s 

A comet flying through space

A cold solid chunk of ice and rock

Living off shining reflections


Find yourself a star

Burning brightly

Full of passion //fire

Better yet… 

Be that shining star


Photo Dwight L. Roth

Monday Quadrille called for by Victoria at de’Verse~Poetry Pub. Today’s prompt is to use the work burn in a Quadrille. Come join us and read all of the great poems by our group.




42 thoughts on “Burning Star

    • Thank you so much Phyllis! I do take your nomination as the highest compliment. The great joy in writing is being able to connect with people in a way that touches them the way it touched m when I wrote it. I really appreciate your affirmation!! Thank you.

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  1. You give qualities to stars that, just as humans, can vary widely in inner brightness and disposition and intention. Have you ever read Matthew Arnold’s poem ‘Self-dependence’? I’ve kept coming back to this poem and this interpretation of the stars over the years, especially when I am tempted to “hitch” myself to something I am not. You can read the poem here:

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