Childhood Innocence

Sweet innocence.jpg

          Childhood Innocence

Sweet undefiled childhood flowers

           Into naked innocence //emerging

From her teacup fairytale life

          Dreaming // of one day fitting the

Glass slipper… held by a handsome prince

          Unaware of the ominous flood

Just beyond the dawn’s horizon

          For now // pixey dust and Bieber

Fill, thrill, and bring goose bump chills

          Sweet // undefiled // ephemeral childhood


Poem created from one of four of the art Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein, featured at:

Used with permission given to d’Verse~Poetry Pub, to use it as our prompt for today. Lillian challenges us to write a response poem to one of Catrin Welz-Stien’s art images.

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31 thoughts on “Childhood Innocence

  1. Childhood as a teacup fairytale life……sweet bliss. My grandaughter will be 10 next month – is very bright, excels at school, plays the violin, and still LOVES to play with her dolls. She believes they are alive 🙂 Sadly, when her friends come over to play, she’s starting, with some of them, to be embarased to take them up to her room because she has her dolls, in beds, sitting on chairs, playing with their pet dollhouse dog, etc. I treasure her innocence. Those days are sadly numbered though….although I still love dolls!

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  3. very good use of the main element in the poem Dwight, her fairy tale tea cup life is a girl’s childhood innocence personified and ties in with hopes of being a good wife, mother and daughter. i appreciate the message you have here, for me its wanting to preserve the life we start with it and make the world a better and safer place because we believe in goodness.

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