Going for the Gold (a Quadrille)

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Quadrille Monday at d’Verse~Poetry Pub with De Jackson asking us to use the word murmur in our poem. I chose the Olympics and Chloe Kim winning the Gold Medal in Snowboarding as my subject.

Chloe Kim

Riding on top of the leaderboard

Competitors chasing for the Gold

Snowboarders wipe out one by one

Murmurs permeate the crowd

Will she hang on to the top spot?

Last competitor bites the snow

Victory run almost perfect

Chloe Kim //Wins Gold!!


Photo: nbcolympics.com

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23 thoughts on “Going for the Gold (a Quadrille)

  1. It was great to watch! I don’t know how they managed to do anything in those high winds. I wouldn’t have got off the chairlift! I’ve just conducted a poll to see if my readers prefer the winter or summer Olympics, no clear winner as yet! I’ve always loved the Olympics and have even ridden on the Olympic Bobsleigh track in Tignes a couple of years ago! I only know one person mad enough to go down on the skeleton bob (the one where you lie face down on a ‘tea tray’). The G-force was so strong he could hardly lift his head and scuffed the skin off the end of his nose! Luckily, the skin grew back.

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