Mom’s 93rd Birthday

Mom and the boys June 16 -07 001

She Turned 93 Today (6/07)   (A Ghazal Poem)

Her breathing’s hard //Her spirit’s strong… She’s still not ready to go
She turned 93 today, 93 today.. She’s still not ready to go

With a century of memories still sharp in her mind …
She still remembers everything…She’s still not ready to go

Her face lit up //Her smile grew broad… Grandsons made her smile                                   Looked at pictures for a while… She’s still not ready to go

Fresh berries in a cup…She soon ate them up…
Time for lunch,  so up she got… She’s still not ready to go
She turned 93 today // Weak in body //strong in spirit
Mom turned 93 today // And she’s still not ready to go!


A Tribute my Mom Beatrice Roth who turned 93 July 16, 2007
It was my last visit with her before she died in August

Our challenge for this writing came from Paul at d’Verse, who asked us to write a ghazal poem in Arabic form with couplets and repeats at the ends of the lines throughout the poem. This is new to me, so I hope this is close to what was expected.  I revised a poem I wrote in memory of my last visit with my mother, on her birthday in 2007.

48 thoughts on “Mom’s 93rd Birthday

  1. A delightful tribute Dwight. The form could use a little tweak. Use the refrain twice in the opening couplet as you did and then only on the second line of the following couplets. You could say this was a double ghazal. Nice work.

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  2. When I first started reading it I was thinking “don’t let go, granny…don’t let go,” Then upon its conclusion I realized she had no choice. Bless her heart. We all shouldn’t let go until the end. I want to be like her.

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