One Eye Open, One Eye Shut


The neighbors were ejected from their home a few weeks ago. It was very sad to see. An eviction notice had been issued a couple of months ago. Most of us live in our homes without this threat. We have jobs or income to sustain us. But there are many around us who are not so fortunate. They tend to rotate in and out of our neighborhoods. Then there are homeless who have not means of getting a home. The situation is so enormous and overwhelming that in our minds we delegate them out to churches, community shelters or social services. Personally. I have very mixed emotions about this. Sometimes it is easier to close my eyes to it than to try to find a way to help. What do you think?

One Eye Open

One eye open the other eye shut

Through life we go

Friends and family all around

We love their exuberant hugs

Enjoy their joyous laughter

Welcome them into our home

But on the other hand…

We close one eye

Hoping not to know

Wishing not to see

The struggles others face

Who live nearby

Perhaps next door

Keeping to themselves

Sharing only first names

Telling no more

Until one day the sheriff comes

Ejecting them // putting a sign on the door

Amid loud voices and frustrated shouts

No jobs // no money to pay the rent

Now they are gone // the house is empty

Cleaned and prepped

For the next unknown family


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


25 thoughts on “One Eye Open, One Eye Shut

  1. Wow! So sadden by this! Its not easy to lose a home, I’ve never been in such situation and I’m truly thankful to God for that! But I’m truly moved when I hear or see such things! That family will be in my prayers alongside many others that have lost their homes! God is great and he’ll give them new ones in Jesus Name! Thank you so much sharing! May the peace and the grace of God be with you throughout this week! Much love! Byes! Xxoo 😇

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Dwight, we can count our blessings at such times and come together to help others. Over here there is always somewhere to turn to, mostly through the hard work of numerous charities and volunteers. I hope things will work out for the best for your neighbours and we shall keep them in our prayers 💜

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  3. That was very heart touching!! All we expect is little love and support from friends and neighbors during tough times like this. Let’s come forward and make our neighborhood relations strong. I’ve seen this app called ONATA which is focusing on neighborhood services and much more to make the relationships stronger.
    If needed any help whether it is small or big, Visit –

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  4. Very well-put.
    We all just look straight ahead and keep going. Young or old. Whether we feel bad or not.
    My husband and I are the evicted neighbors in this case. 😛 Trying to stay
    positive about this whole crazy situation and write/vlog about it.
    Thank you for sharing this. Hopefully it’ll continue to make us think about
    how we should improve our perception of money and society…


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