Peddle Faster

EER_0315Sometimes I feel like Thelma and Louise, who. in the movie. put the peddle to the metal and sailed  off the Grand Canyon.   The closer I get to the end of life the more I realize that I must keep pushing forward, enjoying each day as much as I can. Who knows how long this ride will last, so I keep on peddling into the future knowing full well that the edge of the cliff is not far off. As Dylan Thomas said… “Do not go gentle into that good night… Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Writing poetry is one way for me to rage against the dying of the light, when this life for me comes to an end. Also, it is very rewarding to me.

Peddle Faster

Peddle faster feel the wind

The finish line is now in site

My race is on

But winning is not the goal

Just finishing well

Many slow down // stumble and fall

Barely dragging across the line


I never know what I might encountered

So I give it all I’ve got, while I still can

The finish line is not far off

So I ride with gusto

Enjoy the thrill

Competition is not the goal

In this race of life

Anything can happen

Fading away is not my plan

It is all about finishing well

For the finish line is now in site

But // I’ve still got a long way to go

Only time will tell


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

11 thoughts on “Peddle Faster

  1. Vivid photos, vivid words. (Is that you on the bike?) I ride, as well… when there is no ice. There are many metaphors we can pull from the ride and this one is excellent, Dwight!

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