Analysis (A Hai bun)



Handwriting analysis has long intrigued me. My father introduced me to it when I was very young. The variations of the shapes of letters at the beginning, and especially the ending strokes of a signature, tell so much about the writer’s personality. Most signatures are a blend of more than one style.

Big bold and rounded letters often indicate someone who is very friendly and outgoing… a people person for sure. When the loops are small and precise, with uniform lettering all the way across, it may indicate a person who loves detail and perfection. When the endings of a person’s name have lots of flare, with long connected sweeping motion, and fancy dots on the iz, it indicates a very creative and artistic person.

On the other hand a person whose signature has lots of jagged points in their writing, at the bottom of gz or the top loop letters, or an  extended ending when crossing a t, may indicate someone who is impatient and critical of others. They often are hard to please and hard to live with!

Winter of my life

Cursive// manuscript // blended

My script’s  genius!!!

Kim, at d’verse~Poetry Pub, came up with an interesting challenge today. We are to write a Haibun about writing with pen or pencil that includes a Haiku ending mentioning a season.  My last few poems have been in a humorous vein. This one fits right into that style.

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26 thoughts on “Analysis (A Hai bun)

  1. These brings back memories of the times when my friends and I had our penmanship analyzed not so much to know our personality but to tell our ‘fortune’ especially in the love department. 😁 Fun times, those, when we would sorta cling on anything to find our so called soulmate. Ha ha

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  2. Nice one, Dwight! Bev also wrote about handwriting analysis and after reading your haibun I’d like to give it a try.I wonder if the analysis now would be different from an analysis done at an earlier age, as writing does change over the years. My writing is small and scrawly, like a spider wandering around a page, with no loops, flourishes or fancy dots. Your haiku says it all for me!

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  3. Handwriting analysis was quite popular for a time, and some companies had analysts review applicants’ handwriting! Seems to have fallen from grace now, though. This was interesting.

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