“The “Grass” is Always Greener…”

California recently passed a law legalizing marijuana. The pun about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence has been running through my head ever since. I thought I would write a humorous poem about this playing with  a variation of that phrase and the “Go West young man…” one as well. I hope it makes you smile.

“The “Grass “is always Greener…”

“Come West young man, Come West!”

And have no fear no matter what you hear

The grass in California is much greener here


How can that be so, after this sad year?


From LA to Modesto things are up in smoke

Wild fires burning, a ghastly fright’ning cloak

Hillside residents flee before they choke


Firefighters struggling to gain control

The earth is scorched, natures melanoma rolls.

Houses are burning, some fall off the cliffs

Metal ghost monuments sit rigid and stiff


Rich and poor all share the same lot

Looks like California became a black pot

A cauldron of disaster… an oddly mixed stew

Is California the place for me and you?


Have no fear// it will all come back

As long as we don’t fall into the crack

Things may seem bleak and cloudy this year

But have no worries the grass is greener here


And though the hills go up in smoke

We will stay mellow and have a toke

For the grass is much greener here!


Clip Art: bestclipart.com

13 thoughts on ““The “Grass” is Always Greener…”

  1. https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana
    My thoughts on the ‘green grass’ is based on seeing the negative effects it has on young people and how it effects their brain development and emotional development.
    Also, i get the medicinal advantage but people take things to far and then its a mind altering drug. Huge debatable topic because everyone has a different perspective and as an educator I take the stand that its not okay to promote it at all, from a christian perspective and a world view perspective it opens doors for young people to start using heavier drugs that are more potentially harmful to them because the high they got from ‘dagga’ was not enough. So I guess I’m against it becoming legal anywhere.
    My dad used to make a joke that if God wanted us to smoke he would have created an air vent or chimney as part of our anatomy so your lungs and spirit were not affected. lolz

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    • I appreciate your comment and point of view. I do not smoke anything, nor do I promote it. I do however see the benefits from the medical standpoint. I don’t see it as any more addictive than any other prescription medicine. Many prescription meds are much more addictive and damaging.
      This was written as a spoof on California and the contradictions of the hills going up in smoke and the people are now doing the same. Any indorsement of Marijuana was unintended.

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