After Time (a Quadrille)

Grave Marker 001

After Time

Everyone keeps time

Loses time

Takes time

Wants more time…


No one wants to talk

About what happens

after time.

Does time stop…


Eternity begin?

…Our last breath//

Bouncing our soul out gently

Does the screen go black…

Or just change format?


At d’Verse~Poetry Pub, today, De Jackson challenged us to write a quadrille (of exactly 44 words) using the word bounce. You might think of bounce as a game thing with children bouncing, or a puppy bouncing up and  down, or perhaps the bounce of the music beat.  This is a little different take on the word bounce, but you won’t forget it very quickly.

Enjoy…. come visit us at the website:

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

53 thoughts on “After Time (a Quadrille)

  1. No one talks about what happens to a cup after it is broken and thrown away, or of what you must have been before time (before you were born). Or what “new format” a flies live in after they are swatted dead. And it is no wonder, is it?

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