Stone Cold

Blue Moon #1

Stone Cold Beauty
Driving home we saw her rising larger than life. Glowing beyond the naked trees she peered over the horizon. The clear winter evening enhanced her beauty. I thought to myself, “How can something so beautiful, so perfectly shaped, be so cold hearted?”
Perhaps you have met a women, who was like the winter moon? Once she had a heart soft and overflowing with warmth, only to be rejected and distanced from her lover. Turning cold, her heart hardened as their love waned.
After going through a winter of discontent, she reemerged. Her beauty is still intact, but her heart has hardened. Beauty that she is, she will never again experience the warmth of that first love when she basked in the heat of the sun.
Orb of pure beauty
Superficial //stone cold heart
Winter moon hides all


Recycled Blue Moon Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Victoria challenged us today, at the d’Verse~Poetry Pub, to write Haibun using the Japanese Kigo, Fuyu No Tsuki __Winter Moon. We are to write a few short paragraphs about the winter moon, of which there are two this month of January. It is followed by a haiku

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20 thoughts on “Stone Cold

  1. I’m sorry it was imagination. Haibun is suppose to be non-fiction, and besides, I prefer poems that come from experience. And in this poem you say, “only to be rejected ” for the woman, but I have known a woman who rejected real love and became stone cold. It is not always the poor woman who is rejected, eh?
    I did like the coldness here!

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    • The seeing of the moon a week ago was real. My imagination and thinking are real, so I guess one could say that it was a real life experience. Just the thoughts were imaginary!
      It is very cold and you are right it goes both ways.
      Thank you for you great comments.


  2. Wow, Dwight. I feel breathless now. I am blown away by “cold-hearted” moon, meditating often how, without the generous light of the sun, she’d be sitting out there in space, perfectly round and obscured. How like us too, we are nothing without the grace of God. The painting is perfect for your words, too. Well done.

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