Writing Poetry


I wrote this quadrille this morning, before I knew what our prompt of the day would be on d’Verse. Bjorn suggested that we look at silence in the poetic line and the different ways of marking those breaks.  It is know as Caesura, the breathe of the poem. It includes standard punctuation as well as other markings. I went back and put in the silent spaces and pauses in my poem. This is my first attempt at this, so I hope it is what is expected.

Writing Poetry 

My words // chosen carefully…

Like stepping on wet rocks

crossing a stream.

Hoping this one // will sustain me

to the next.

I am not interested in a big splash!

Simply making it across

One solid word at a time

Reaching my desired destination.


Check out our group site on d’Verse~Poetry Pub at: https://dversepoets.com/

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


191 thoughts on “Writing Poetry

  1. I must say, I’ve just begun my journey with WordPress, inspired to write publicly. Not sure quite what to write at the moment so I decided to wander the search bar. This was the first thing I’ve stumbled upon and this is exactly how I’m feeling haha. Wonderful metaphor. Fantastic poem.

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  2. I write a poem
    I write it good
    With words I know
    To make me understood

    But my words don’t rhyme
    Is this a crime
    I abuse my language
    I use fake words

    For poetic licence
    I receive a hefty fine
    For stupid prose
    I’ll have to do time

    I add a pause
    A rude word or four
    They think I’m a poet
    No, they show me the door.

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  5. Very well written. You said it was your first time using that form? You did splendid. I love using breaks and punctuation in my poems. I didn’t know the name of it though. Lol I just know how I want my words to be read so I have to make sure I space everything out how it needs to be for other people to hear the sound as well. Great job! 🙂

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  8. This really struck home for me. I am an outdoor enthusiast as well as a writer. I often find metaphor for my frustrations while out hiking, and it’s nice to see someone else use the inherent imagery so well.

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  9. Beautiful poem…. Classic use of words….
    Please visit and follow my blog artofstorylitfictionalterreality.wordpress.com I’ve just started it…

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