The Girl With Many Faces (A Haibun)


I am in awe of women who can put on make-up and get it to look fabulous. I am glad I am not a woman. This is the painting I finished today, after working on it on and off for six months. Since I am still learning how to paint, I was excited to find this unfinished painting along with a couple of others, at the Habitat Restore The sketch was all that was done on this one. I have had little success painting faces, so I thought since I had such a fine sketch I would use it to give me some practice. I painted and repainted the face several times over the next month, with little success. When I could not get it to look right, I put it up on the shelf for the rest of the summer. About three weeks ago I got it off the shelf determined to get it to work. I painted the face several more times. The lights and darks just would not come together.  Finally, today, I got this face, which I feel works for me. See what you think??

Highlights accents beauty

Facial structure of a queen

Layer after layer


I like the black and white version as well. This is the joy of digital photography

EER_1175 (2).jpg

Painting: Dwight L. Roth


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