No Room


The Inn Keeper is not the villain in this story as so often portrayed. When you examine the story more closely you will see the stable was actually the best choice given the circumstances.  I attempted to write my poem in defense of the Inn Keeper at Bethlehem. See if you agree! Here is my Christmas Poem…

No Room at the Inn

Travelers came knocking on the door of the inn

After traveling all day tired, hungry, and thirsty

The donkey needed fed and they needed a bed

A full inn afforded them nowhere to lay their heads

Pregnant Mary needed a place to deliver

Water broke and waves were coming on strong

No time to look elsewhere for a private home

The inn was no place for a delivery room

Travelers standing around gawking at the sight

Of a new born baby coming ready or not in the night

The kind Inn Keeper suggested, “Perhaps the stable…

A private place to deliver away from prying eyes?”

The animals provided warmth from their exhales

He did what he could to make them comfortable

Brought water and a blanket as Mary screamed in pain

He was not the villain in this story as portrayed

Rather a compassionate keeper avoiding gossip’s scandal

Why do we think they should have been entitled

Unknown travelers from afar, they had no reservations.

Thankful for a private spot it all came about

A child was born in private who would soon

In the course of time change the world

A Savior who is Christ the Lord!


Photo of the Manger: Dwight L. Roth

Manger set from Ten Thousand Villages


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