Crusty Bark


Today I am trying something that Amaya, from Gospel Isosceles, came up with after reading my post on Five Loaves and Two Fish. She thought this would be a great new form of poetry, to write with five syllables in the first line followed by two syllables in the second. I love the idea, Here is my first attempt at 5-2 poetry. Give it a try. You will like it!!

Crusty Bark  (5-2 poetry)

Crusty bark split open


Yet necessary

For growth


Crusty old fellow

Hates change

Set in his old ways

Boxed in

Lying in that box


Waiting for new growth



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Check out Amaya’s beautiful post Serendipity that she wrote to illustrate;


7 thoughts on “Crusty Bark

    • Thank you. In the end all those who resist change will end up dust to dust and ashes to ashes. New growth arises and life goes on.
      Thanks so much for your great Idea. I love how this pattern works.


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