Sculpting Me

Life has some hard lessons for us to learn. They are not always pleasant and we are often left with scars from our experiences. Not all are physical. Some are emotional and mental scars that cut deep into our soul. In the end the person we become is a combination of shaping cuts and scars of the soul.

Life’s a Chisel

Life’s a chisel chipping away



A little at a time

Bringing out inner beauty

Capitalizing on flaws

Revealing me

Showing my strength

Leaving scars

Cutting deep into my soul

Grace is the sandpaper



Knocking off sharp edges

Love is the finish



Enhancing my inner beauty


The Craftsman’s masterpiece


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11 thoughts on “Sculpting Me

  1. life teaches you many things especially when its time to let go. Not too long ago I had to say goodbye to a friend and even though we can’t see one another face to face were still in contact this song is the only memory that reminds me of him.

    “There were times we stayed up all night

    Telling each other our worries that I couldn’t even tell Papa and Mama

    Skipping school for no reason,

    For some reason, my eyes well up with tears,

    Somehow, it feels very long, long ago, doesn’t it, Erika?

    Adoring the city at night,

    Calling each other even though we saw each other every day,

    Don’t forget the dreams we spent countless hours discussing in coffee shops,

    Somehow, it feels very long, long ago, doesn’t it, Erika?

    Now, we’ve begun to walk different roads,

    But don’t forget, no matter how perilous the way,

    For the sake of the dreams we shared with one another.

    Go forward, without wavering,

    On the path you’ve chosen,

    Go forward, without wavering,

    Without looking back.” -Kokia “Erika”

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