Grandma’s Black Raspberry Pie

Grandma's Black Raspberry Pie

My grandma died when I was very young, but one thing I remember was her delicious black raspberry pie. When we arrived at her house for a visit, she would get out her pie, even if it was in the middle of the afternoon. Her pies were smooth like custard since she strained out all the seeds. Something that good is never forgotten.   This poem is one for the dVerse poetry group prompt: visit.

Black Raspberry Pie

My earliest recollection

Of real fruit pie

Is sitting at the grandma’s table

When I was a little guy


Blue eyes got big

My smile grew wide

Watching her cut into

That black raspberry pie


Thick and smooth

No seeds inside

That big dip of whipped cream

Was hard to hide


My visits were always special

Put a sparkle to her eye

She loved watching her grandson

Eat her black raspberry pie


No need to wait till dinner

She knew I couldn’t wait

So from the fridge she took the pie

And put a big slice on my plate


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Our dVerse poetry prompt for today is the word visit… A poem any style with the word visit in it.  Be sure to visit this site:

This is a revision from an earlier poem I had done.


30 thoughts on “Grandma’s Black Raspberry Pie

  1. A wonderful childhood memory. Visiting grandparents is always special and made even more so when it involves homecooking with love. I can savor that pie within your poem. Thanks for participating in the prompt!

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