“Lead, follow, or get out of the way!”  These words describe change. We can be a part of change that always looks forward, living on the cutting edge of life, or we can be that pothole in the road that everyone tries to avoid. Taking ownership in change makes it easier to accept. No one has ever kept change from happening by complaining about it. Lead the way to the future by taking a positive outlook on change.


Can’t imagine being stuck

In leisure suits and bell bottoms

Fashions come and go

And sometimes come back

To haunt us


What age would you choose

For your groundhog day…

Waking each morning

Looking in the mirror to see

That smiling face that never ages.

Your peers grow older and change

But you retain that wrinkle-free smile


Accept change as a fact of life or…

You can choose the plastic alternative.

Inside changes continue

But, with the right surgeon

You can lie unchanged in the coffin.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This poem written for the prompt Change on the dVerse~Poetry Pub.

Check it out here:


26 thoughts on “Change

  1. Nice. And true, change is an inevitable and usually good part of life. “People always talk about being scared of change, but I’m more afraid of things staying the same…” -Nick cave, Jesus and the Moon. Which, by my taste, is his best song.

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