The Joy of Discovery

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The Joy of Discovery

My greatest joy comes from discovery. This may seem odd, since I am a person who resists change. When I thought about our challenge to write a Haibun about my plans for my writing, I thought what in the world is a Haibun? I am a fish out of water in the dVerse~ Poetry Pub for sure. Most of you are far more accomplished in writing that I am.

This brings me to the need for change. I have been blogging for about a year and a half, and attempt to post poetry or photos every day. It has gone well for me and I have accumulated a great number of followers. But, my poetry is all much the same. So I am looking forward to discovering, not only the meaning of a Haibun, but also the meaning of all the other “foreign terms” I see on your site. Perhaps they will stretch my mind and challenge my style of writing.

 One Christmas present

A trainer for this old dog

To teach some new tricks


This post was witten for Haibun Monday, to take on the challenge given by Toni to write a Haibun about our future plans for our writing. I hope this meets the criteria.

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30 thoughts on “The Joy of Discovery

  1. dVerse is a great place to learn new poetry forms and get to know other poets. The variety of poems that stem from a single prompt is amazing. Welcome to the pub, pull up a stool and order a drink, then enjoy what other patrons of the pub have to offer.

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  2. Thank you for this marvelous haibun. I’m sorry. I read the second one first and gave you a definition for haibun, which you already know! Anytime you have questions about any of the forms, ask in the comments section of the blog. All of us at dVerse are on various stages of the journey. Also, read what others have posted first, which helps a lot. Welcome to dVerse. I liked this haibun full of plans. The haiku at the end was excellent!

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  3. Isn’t that the greatest of things.. everything you learn.. and finding you can actually continue to change. Stay here and you will soon learn to be fluent about ceasuras and enjambment too….

    Now you are writing haibun… tomorrow it might be a sonnet. Everything is possible.

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